SoMee’s CEO Christopher Kramer just finished filming at the NYSE with Dr. Jen Welter — influencer, author & first female to coach in the NFL & play on a male pro football team the Texas Revolution! Dr. Welter is joining SoMee to help spread the word to women about SoMee & crypto!

Got to tour the NYSE and take pictures of some of the founding documents from 1791, wow!

Catch the full interview here!

#SoMee #ExploringTheBlock #NYSE

By @Rafael Hoekstra

The month of March saw an influx of blockchain industry people to Hong Kong. SoMee was there amidst the action at both Hong Kong Blockchain Week and the major conference Token2049.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week

Blockchain week saw the gradual gathering of people working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Major…

1 hour close up livestream of


File Name: Fireside chat with Christopher Kramer CEO

Duration: 01:07:08


Ken Bosack: Hey! How it goozy? Ken Bosack here talking about Bitcoin and Bitcoin accessories. And today, I’m gonna refer you to I’m here with Christopher, the CEO, and…


SoMee is a gamified social hub with privacy control and monetization options 💰

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