May 11, 2018

5 min read

G-FUEL Craze Ignites ONENAME.SOCIAL Frenzy

What’s the latest craze on ONENAME.SOCIAL?! It’s G-Fuel! What is G-Fuel you might be asking? Well that awesome little red flame under your name on the left hand side of your Browser window, next to the spunky blue star. That’s your G-Fuel. How do you get G-Fuel? Well, it’s actually very simple… BE ACTIVE on ONENAME.SOCIAL!!! Sounds easy right? Trust me, it really is. All you have to do is up vote, post, comment and maybe even make a group; basically just socialize with your fellow community members. It’s something that can be done from your computer, tablet or phone, so you can constantly be working on making your G-Fuel score get higher. Maybe you’re new to ONENAME.SOCIAL and you don’t have many or any friends yet to socialize with. Don’t worry, we’ve got an amazing answer to that small problem, one that will not only help you earn G-Fuel but will also help you make new friends along the way.


Joining a group is an excellent way to not only earn G-Fuel but to also make new friends. Currently there are groups popping up left and right, filling various nooks and crannies of interests, hobbies and entertainment. And since we are talking about groups, here are some of the most popular groups on the platform at this time.

Or for the unofficial G-Fuel Competition

Feeling the urge to get your G-Fuel score up to an all time high? Some of our other community members felt the same way and a friendly and unofficial competition has started. Check out the link to our G-Fuel Leaderboard to post your score and keep track of where others in the community stand. However with every competition there’s always someone in 1st and the community member to aspire to currently is Brian.

Brian is the current ONENAME.SOCIAL member who is crushing the competition with a whopping 37.43 in G-Fuel! We asked Brian a few questions about his involvement in the community and his colossal G-Fuel Score.

  • Why did you get involved in the project?

Brian: “I first heard about this project in the ICO stage, about 9~ months ago, through a guy named “TheyCallMeDan”. So I started reading up on the project and when I was done reading the whitepaper I understood that this is a needed project. Not only because this is a project that really benefits from the blockchain, (So not a random company creating a blockchain in order to just get more funds) but also because of the fact that privacy as we knew it does not exist anymore. And people do not even realise how bad it has gotten, because these big companies gather this info on a really sneaky way.

This made me excited, because I knew this project would raise awareness for that, because this project gives “Power to the people” to downvote lies/propaganda and upvote the truth or quality content. and I also knew that if the platform would be as user friendly, fast, and nice looking as facebook there would be no reason left for people NOT to leave facebook. “

  • What do you love about the beta?

Brian: “the open beta came out, and shortly after that G-fuel and I absolutely loved it. It’s so exciting to earn rewards for simply doing what you would do everyday, browsing on facebook.”

  • What you’re excited about coming up next?

Brian: “I’m super excited for the upcoming months to see the implementation of Gravity score, G-force, and the ability to exchange ONG for G-fuel, and visa versa. This all together would be my dream platform, and I think most people would agree on that they just don’t know it yet”

  • So, any tips for racking up that G-Fuel Fire?

Brian: “Tips for gathering the most G-fuel you can; Try to follow as much groups/people as you can (groups/people you like of course, otherwise the fun of it will be gone quicky) and start getting active on the platform, by upvoting, commenting, just basically getting involved. You can even try and create your own group and post in there, when people like those posts you will get some G-fuel. If you come up with a original idea you might just get a really successful group and the G-fuel will start rolling in! If you are already a social media influencer then this is your chance to get big on this platform, and earn some rewards.”

By now you might be asking yourself “What is G-Fuel good for?!”

G-Fuel can be used to boost posts, promote content and can ultimately be converted to ONG, ONENAME.SOCIAL’s native cryptocurrency, which can be converted instantly to ETH or any number of tokens right inside of your wallet at ONENAME.SOCIAL.

You’ve heard tips from the top ranking community member and some of the things that Brian loves about ONENAME.SOCIAL, and now we’d like to hear from you! A tremendous amount of effort is currently being put forward to accomplish this marvelous new Platform with the focal point of giving our current, potential and future users an experience with a social media platform like no one has experienced so far. However, this can not be accomplished of course without you, our users. You are the community and the base of this incredible infrastructure of which we have built ONENAME.SOCIAL upon. You are what inspires us to take our platform to the next level and we are reaching out to you to help us take ONENAME.SOCIAL further. We want to hear from you, the millions of people out there who already use the plethora of social media platforms out there. Come join us in creating a platform made for you, help us “Achieve more Together” and start earning G-FUEL now!

Come join us on ONENAME.SOCIAL


ONENAME.SOCIAL is the first blockchain based social hub that puts each community member in control of personal information and provides multiple options for content monetization on social media. Each person has the ability to earn a portion of the money from advertisers if you want (or not) and to earn rewards from all of your efforts on social media. The bottom line is that each person should be able to choose when and how their personal information is shared on social media and be given the choice if they want to monetize their information, creative content and published posts on social media.