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As we come to the close of 2020, we want to wish you all an incredibly Happy Holiday Season and hope the coming New Year brings many good tidings!


GOOD NEWS!!! Due to the ongoing blockchain implementation work of 21 full Witness Nodes we had to pause swaps once again, therefore we are offering all SoMeeians the opportunity for a full cash out of SoMee Points, GFuel and Voting Power! (Please note: you still must be verified to cash out). This will allow our “SoMee Elves” and software engineers time to complete their work on the blockchain without disrupting our community. During this time post rewards MAY cease to be active, but you will still be able to post on a freedom based, censorship resistant as usual!

A special landing page link will be shared shortly after the AMA with instructions.


Those who choose to HODL and power up all SoMee Points to GFuel & Voting Power instead of cashing out will receive double of each reward to their wallet when blockchain upgrade is complete!!! Yes, you heard that right 2X GFuel and Voting Power for HODLING! (Note: SoMee Points must be powered up to GFuel to qualify!). HODL terms and conditions apply (See special landing page).


Let us start 2021 off right!!! Now through the first week of January 2021 all Power Up Package purchases will receive 3X Bonus rewards! But hurry this offer will not last long! Click here to get your 3X BONUS POWER UP PACKAGES today!! HODL terms and conditions apply (See special landing page).

Stocking Stuffer: User verification discounted from $99 down to $19.00 when purchasing any Power Up Package! Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!


Our SoMee Math & Science Elves who went to Tokenomics school have been hard at work on a token model we call “Top 10 Tokenomics”. The team took time to analyze the token models of the top 10 projects in blockchain and then cross referenced them with our main business drivers.

Why is this important? Well aside from the fact that all these cryptocurrencies are in the TOP 10, which speaks for itself, it’s important that SoMee analyze and consider various models as each one offers us unique insights that we can glean and just like a few of these top 10 projects — SoMee has built a platform ecosystem that other projects want to build on and plug into in order to tap into a scalable revenue stream and this requires careful consideration. During this process it was equally important for us to pinpoint and cross reference all analysis with the specific business drivers for SoMee’s use case, while considering the various dynamics that will further the utility of the token model, such as platform rewards, cross chain interoperability, DeFi, NFTs, Smart Contracts, Partnerships, Development, Foundation, and the Team.

Although nothing is finalized, I think we’re very close now to completing the Top 10 Tokenomics process.


Of course, SoMee should be able to scale millions upon millions of users who WILL SOON JOIN SoMee’s platform and app, right!?

Just take a look at our Amazon CloudFront stats for November 1st, 2020 — December 1st, 2020 where we had a total of 34.7971 Million HTTPS Requests to! That’s a lot of hits to process on the site and blockchain and we’re only just getting started!!

We envision a future where most if not all blockchain projects will want to plug into the SoMee ecosystem, which is why we installed the Amazon Web Services hyper-scalable network that has the capability to auto-scale servers that can handle millions of new users at any moment! Now that’s what we call scalability!

Fortunately for SoMee we have the best dev-ops engineers in the world at ONICA working on our behalf who helped design, implement, and support the AWS Hyper-scale technology network used by SoMee 24x7/365.


The new ticker will be released with the completion of the Top 10 Tokenomics study and ecosystem design, so stay tuned!! We thank the community for all your great suggestions.

SPOILER ALERT — The existing ONG token will still be utilized as a governance token, so those of you who want a say in the decentralized decision-making process should HODL your ONG!


Our team is still on track for a completely updated web and mobile app experience that will deliver the “next level” design built with React Native that includes lots of “goodies” packed into the functionality that is sure to please!


Please join us today for the AMA!

As we close out this year we want to tell you especially how much we appreciate you all! You are the BEST community in blockchain!!




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