SoMee.Social January 2023 New Year Buzz!

3 min readJan 27, 2023

Hello SoMeeans!

First I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! We’ve been heads down working harder than ever, but also having a lot of fun. Is it me or did January fly by faster than you can blink!? I can’t believe it’s the end of January 2023. Anyway, in the past month I’m happy to report that we onboarded 1,900 Ambassadors and a number of influencers and want to share a bit of New Year SoMee Buzz… Lets get it!!!

January 2023 Stats — 20.8M User Sessions!

Added 1,900 Ambassadors & Influencers with social following of 25M!

AMA’s — Wolf Financial had 7.4K listeners!

Just Released — CryptoKingdom AMA (This came early :)

In addition to all of this we have been developing great features for the platform, which now has video, live streaming, stories and IOS and Android apps live in the app stores.

We added pro packages for sale, which allows you a plethora of perks and tons of voting power to auto monetize posting and earning from the platform. We even added a voting slider so you can adjust your voting power on the fly and see the status of how much daily power you have remaining….

And updated the wallet with a complete Earnings Dashboard for daily, weekly, monthly detail

and a section that tracks all monetized content and curation earnings linking each directly to the blockchain!

Biggest Complaint is that there is still friction when people are setting up their blockchain account.

SoMee does not hold private keys, so this is the “nature of the beast”, but done so that all creators on SoMee are in control of earnings at all times (SoMee never has control), but beyond the step by step guide we have a cool feature that is a game changer for this!

For more in the works…You can see our development roadmap here

Featured Influencer Post

Ukrainian Model and Business Woman, Myla Tkachenko

That’s all for now….Until next time, Cheers compadres!




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