May 18, 2018

4 min read

How a Meme Can Benefit an Entire Community

How can a meme benefit an entire community? Seems silly but something as seemingly trivial as a meme can bring serious attention to a project! This is a simple grassroots element that all of our users can easily deploy to spread the word about the platform. The team at ONENAME.SOCIAL is working very hard solving problems in areas such as data security, privacy and social media users not being rewarded for their valuable content creation; but none of this matters unless we can capture the attention of the people we want to bring to this revolutionary platform.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about what a great of a way humor is to not only bring someone’s interest into something, but also to get people excited. We are looking to incite excitement, interest and of course a little bit of humor in those who may not have been told about ONENAME.SOCIAL yet and the wonderful world that we are building with the help of all of you!

So of course we wanted to reach out to those of you who do know about ONENAME.SOCIAL and share some of the groups we have here on ONENAME.SOCIAL that won’t only bring some laughter into your daily life but perhaps a little bit of inspiration to you as well. We are encouraging you to come to ONENAME.SOCIAL, check out the Meme groups and post some of your own ONENAME.SOCIAL memes! You might be wondering how sharing your meme’s on ONENAME.SOCIAL will help spread the word. Well, aside from interacting with the community and helping yourself earn G-Fuel; you’re also helping to inspire your fellow community members. You’re helping them to not only follow in your footsteps and join in on the fun but to also bring others into it. We at ONENAME.SOCIAL are encouraging you, our wonderful community to start sharing your ONENAME.SOCIAL memes not just with our Community but also with people on other platforms who may not yet know who or what we are. We are always looking to grow our community and to bring more people into the amazing platform we are dedicating so much heart and soul into.

Here’s some of our favorite meme’s :

Posted by: Danyette Rosenbusch in “The ONG Meme Channel”

Posted by: Lauren Archer in “ONENAME.SOCIAL MEMES”

Posted by: Memes in “Memes”

Speaking of G-Fuel, here’s the latest update. G-Fuel is now being calculated with the automated readability index (ARI)* and the LIX* readability measure, with even more sophistication consistently being added to the algorithm!

Come join us for some laughs on a platform made for you and help us “Achieve more Together” by spreading the joy of ONENAME.SOCIAL!


ONENAME.SOCIAL is the first blockchain based social hub that puts each community member in control of personal information and provides multiple options for content monetization on social media. Each person has the ability to earn a portion of the money from advertisers if you want (or not) and to earn rewards from all of your efforts on social media. The bottom line is that each person should be able to choose when and how their personal information is shared on social media and be given the choice if they want to monetize their information, creative content and published posts on social media.

*The automated readability index (ARI) is a readability test for English texts, designed to gauge the understandability of a text. Like the Flesch–Kincaid grade level, Gunning fog index, SMOG index, Fry readability formula, and Coleman–Liau index, it produces an approximate representation of the US grade level needed to comprehend the text.

*LIX is a readability measure indicating the difficulty of reading a text[1] developed by Swedish scholar Carl-Hugo Björnsson.