How To Monetize on Social Media

3 min readDec 15, 2022


If you’re looking for a new way to earn from your social media, SoMee is a platform you should consider. SoMee is a social media network that allows users to earn automatically when posting and liking content on the site through a revolutionary, Auto Monetize feature!

Select the type of content you want to post then click “monetize this post”

What Is The Auto Monetize Feature and How Does It Work?!!

Before we tell you what the Auto Monetize feature is, we should tell you what it is not! The Auto Monetize feature is NOT a paywall, and NOT a tipping system AND…. you don’t have to have a big following or be a big influencer to earn. It’s simple just sign up, post, “like” and earn!

Once content is posted, SoMee.Social’s revolutionary system allows anyone to see earnings accumulate right at the post level. (The example below is a post from the timeline received 42 “likes”, 7 comments and earned $8.01)

This post received 42 “likes”, 7 comments and earned $8.01

How Does It Work?

SoMee is a blockchain-based platform that rewards users for their activities on the site using a token reward system to compensate users for their engagement, so once you connect the blockchain you are ready to use the Auto Monetize feature!

SoMee also rewards users through our affiliate program, so if a referral makes a purchase a small commission is paid AND SoMee allows anyone to opt into an Ad-Share program , which altogether offers several options for people to monetize on the platform.

SoMee is easy to use, secure, and rewards users for their engagement. It’s also a great way to connect with others and benefit from their content. So what are you waiting for? Get signed up on SoMee today and start earning!

About SoMee

SoMee is the first full-featured, hybrid web3 social media platform offering “turn-key” content monetization that allows anyone to earn automatically when posting or liking content and when sharing their data.

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