After an extended blockchain update, we are pleased to announce that SoMee has re-enabled our system rewards and is now ready to allow influencers to begin promoting the platform! We have a host of people we will bring on for promotions and will be announcing some exciting names in the very near future after testing of our soft launch release.


The main products that influencers will be promoting are the Power Up Packages that include In-game rewards points that instantly stack an account wallet with G-Fuel and establishes Voting Power on the SoMee network.

The packages are currently available for viewing at


User Verification will be bundled with Power Up Packages and offered at a discounted rate of $19.00, which upon successful verification will allow people to swap rewards points out for the ERC-20, onG Utility Token.


SoMee just added a new section for influencers to apply on the left side bar that once approved provides access to special referral tracking links for commission of sales of the rewards points (G-Fuel) packages. We currently have existing partnerships in place to bring in mainstream influencers and celebrities, but all are welcome to apply.

Please note: We most likely will only approve a limited few applications initially as to allow our partners time to launch and promote the program.


We are excited to tell you that all existing SoMee users NOW HAVE SOMEE SUPERPOWERS ACTIVATED!! The Superpowers program is designed to allow SoMee’s existing users to earn more in a shorter period to recover rewards missed during our blockchain update.


Superpowers? Yep! Existing users will see that their voting power will be 1.5x-2.0x higher than normal if they REMAIN POWERED UP! More power, more rewards, better experience for our dedicated users!

Note, if users power down, they will go back to normal and LOSE the SUPER VOTING POWER they received as part of this update.

Those who continued to post content during our upgrade window get approximately 2.5x-3.0x higher voting power, but again must remain powered up or your super voting power will be lost. Their posts and content will also remain.

Super Voting Power will last for at least between 1–3 months and will allow SoMee’s existing user base of supporters to benefit and recover rewards much faster and even more rewards than they would have earned during our blockchain update, depending on if they keep their power up status intact.



With the soft launch release and in honor of SOMEE SUPERPOWERS Activation we thought it would be perfect timing to launch the CREATE YOUR SOMEE SUPERHERO CONTEST!

The Rules

- The contest will run through the month of August 2020

- Create a custom Superhero logo using the SoMee Logo as shown (Examples below)

- Download the logo template here:

- 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners of the contest will receive Power Up Packages.

- Post on SoMee, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #SomeeSuperHero #SomeeSuperPowers (If you don’t use the hashtags, we can’t except your submission)
Feel free to post all over Social Media using the mentioned hashtags.

SoMee Super Hero Contest Examples

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are technically still in beta, so please be aware that there will still be some features and services that are not 100% working as expected, and some bugs may crop up from time to time. We thank you for continued patience while we work toward refining the SoMee platform!

Puurrrfect time to party!

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