IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

SWAPS are still disabled for now — we found an edge case that is affecting multiple people and our devs are in the process of adjusting the response back from our queueing system that allows it to constantly check & report the status of the queued result. We are also going to work on the fees associated with swaps to enable people to choose slow, medium, fast transactions like other services provide.

This was originally scheduled to be disabled for only a day or two, but two of our key employees were out sick and that along with other administrative priorities prevented us from completing this task yet. We will have an update on this by the end of the week and should hopefully have swaps turned back on by then. Please bear with us while we make these changes and improvements.


In rare cases we have processed manual swap requests for users while the system has been down. Any requests should be sent to Support@SoMee.Social. NOTE: We want to as much as possible discourage manual requests and rely on the automated daily swaps as our team is small and cannot process too many manual requests (It costs us), therefore In the event of a manual swap a 25% fee will be charged.

BUY SOMEE is still enabled — but please note with the current system update we have seen instances whereby SoMee Points are not being credited as expected. Any type of swaps also requires a small amount of Ethereum inside of your wallet as a gas fee. You can avoid gas fees by purchasing Power Up Packages.

POWER UP PACKAGES are now available for immediate purchase with credit card to power up your account with GFuel instantly without an ETH fee or need to power up SoMee Points:

SUPPORT: If you experience any problems please email our support team at: . We encourage everyone to make an account at

With any ticket please make sure to include your permalink, transaction link or ID, screenshots, and date/time of your request, so we can work quickly to fix any issue or failed tx. Please do be patient with our support team as we are working as quickly as possible to support you all and sometimes have to wait for devs to respond to us in order to get something done, which does take extra time. Thank you!

WARNING: There are many different pages trying to spoof or pretend to be SoMee on social media and asking people to participate in a give-a-way then they ask you to send ETH to participate. SoMee will NEVER ask you to send ETH or any other form of payment for a contest and will never ask for payment on social media. Also, no team member will ever ask for payment on social media.


Our official contract address on Ether Scan:

NOTE: Another project also uses the ticker symbol ONG. Please verify that you are always interacting with SoMee “ONG” and on some exchanges where the other project is listed, we use the ticker ONG1, which is the same contract address listed above.

In the future we will be changing our ticker to avoid confusion.


Check our markets on Coingecko or Coinmarket cap:


Post Earnings Rewards accumulate and paid out after one week. Original content creators get 50%, upvoters (curators) get 50% split of posts they upvote (REWARD CHANGE: This is changing to 40%/20%/40% with 20% remaining on chain to support the economy).

Once paid, rewards are distributed in 3 equal parts of SoMee Points, GFuel and GBucks


It is best to power up SoMee to GFuel to increase voting power on the network. Note: When you power up GFuel it constantly increases at various rates inside of the wallet. GFuel creates your voting power, which is what you actually spend with each upvote. Voting power regenerates daily, so if you vote 10x a day at 100% it will take 5 days to fully recover.


Once you power down you receive the original amount of GFuel plus the rewards you accumulated during power up, but your voting power will disappear according to the percentage of GFuel powered down.


You can purchase SoMee Points with ONG which will cost some ETH or you can power up immediately to GFUEL without an ETH fee when purchasing Power Up Packages:

When using ONG to purchase SoMee Points the process is: Once you have ONG in your SoMee ERC wallet you should deposit some ETH to cover gas costs. Then click on the “digital assets” tab inside of your wallet and click “buy SoMee”, then click “power up” to convert your SoMee to GFUEL. GFuel will earn you staking rewards and will increase your voting power on the network that allows you to earn curation rewards in addition to post level earnings.


BETA UPDATE We label our app with “beta” currently because many things are still unpredictable, volatile, and not yet working as expected. Beta’s are designed to allow a group of users to test an app and provide feedback.

During both alpha and beta, we have been able to test many things with thousands of users, which our community is now 80,000 strong and the SoMee app processing close to 2 million hits per day to the site!!! We want to thank many of you who have supported us and invested your time and resources into the project. It’s very much appreciated. Please know that we are working extremely hard to deliver a superior app experience to redefine social media for privacy, monetization, and control.


The new design that we updated you on recently is already being developed and on schedule for March 2021 release!!


Right now we are launching a study to determine what needs to be done before a full MVP launch. MVP takes into consideration the tests that were performed in alpha and beta and uses those metrics to determine what we will need to scale many more (millions) of users and the tokenomics to support that scale. Once we complete this we will relaunch an updated ERC 777 contract with a new ticker.


Prior to any changes in token ticker or supply we will implement several key changes to balance the existing tokenomics.

1. Peg the price of the rewards at the time of payment distribution. Previously we did not do this and it resulted in excessive distribution of SoMee Points, GFuel, GBucks. This was great for the early adopters and our community to earn massive amounts of rewards but will help us now prepare SoMee for long term sustainability.

2. Post level rewards will change from 50%/50% to 40%/20%/40% — This is another change that will support long term sustainability measures to support the economy. Now 20% will remain on chain to support the economy.

3. Swap fees — We are implementing minor fees when swapping and the option to pay more for faster transaction speeds. Once again, this will help the economy and allow people the option for faster transactions.


Our creative team will be releasing 5 editorial videos that cover:

- Earnings

- Power Up Packages

- Reward System

- Security

- Welcome to SoMee

These videos are 30 seconds up to 1 minute, so extremely focused, powerful segments for marketing and communications!


We have many influencers registering and readying their accounts on SoMee. Our Agency partner has a reach of over 100K influencers, including celebrities who we will be asking to join and promote the SoMee platform during three phases of promotion and scale.

Several more partnerships are in the works that will be announced when ready.

In the meantime please remember to catch some of the exciting updates on our social channels @SoMeeOfficial

#BeReal #SoMeeOriginals

We want to send a special thanks to Actor/Influencer Bejo Dohman for launching the #BeReal #SoMeeOriginals contest and to all those who have posted on social media we send #SoMeeLove!

#BeReal #SoMeeOriginals

We look forward to seeing many more of you and featuring your #BeReal #SoMeeOriginals photos on our social channels!

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