SoMee Adds Major Platform Features For Web and Mobile, Including Integration with Steemit

Our development team has been hard at work!!!

We are happy to announce that next week SoMee will add a number of new features for both web and mobile, along with a better user experience!

In addition to the new features the dev team has been able to squash at least 50 bugs reported by our valued community for a better overall experience! BOOM! YES!!!

Code merges will be going in by end of this week, so keep an eye out for all updates to SoMee by mid-week beginning December 12th.

These updates will be published for mobile as well, so if you already have the mobile app downloaded to your phone please make sure to update the app next week to see new features (Both iPhone and Android).

Features to expect this update…

Something very exciting for many community members is the implementation of the SteemConnect feature. With the SteemConnect feature now Steemians and SoMeeans will be able to post automatically to Steemit when posting VIA the SoMee timeline!!

SoMeeans and Steemians alike will now be able to earn multiple crypto rewards with a single post and have an added benefit of using the SoMee scheduling tool to automate content posting to both platforms!!

We call that a win/win when you can save time and increase rewards received for your content!

How To Add SteemConnect:

SoMeeans can add this feature in their settings section by clicking under your name, then “settings”.

Once inside of the settings area you will now see the option to connect Steemit in the “Basic Information” area

After selecting to “Connect Steemit” you will be taken to an authorization page.

Click “Continue”, then select the Steemit account you want to allow your SoMee account to post to

After that you will be all set and taken back to SoMee to post content. Using the scheduling tool is easy. Simply go to your timeline to post…

Notifications will be added in mobile app!

You’ll be able to get your notifications directly in your mobile app in addition to email. This makes a big difference in making sure user experience is at its best!

Also, the Mobile app will automatically open now when clicking the email notification link on mobile or tablet device!

If you are using your mobile device and you click on the email notification from SoMee it will automatically load up the mobile app instead of the web version. It’s the little features that make a huge difference to bring you a better experience!

Mobile wallet added to mobile app!

This feature is definitely a must have to be able to access your wallet via mobile! I know you’ve all be patiently waiting for this one to be released and now it’s here and integrated seamlessly into the mobile app!!!

Multiple Photo upload feature in app, including ability to view and swipe to view the next photo on a multi-photo post!

This is another feature that is a must have for user experience, keeping it simple and clean for everybody!

Group/Page administrator — Ability for Company or Group page owner to search other group/page members, select and promote to admin for the page/group for both web and mobile!

A must have feature that caters to company and group page admins for an overall better user experience!

Post earnings will show on the post level for both mobile and web of approximately how much the post is earning for you in USD!

Source: Tysler ‘Tech Writer’ Steemit

This feature is definitely must have for SoMeeans and Steemians alike!

We appreciate your patience as we have been working very hard to get these features out to you as fast as possible! Many more features are being added, but these are the major updates!!

Stay tuned next week as these features all go live at SoMee, and stay tuned later this month as we announce another major update at the end of December!

We appreciate all SoMeeans and Steemians and welcome you to share these exciting updates as we work together to bring the very best to these blockchain communities!!

Join us!!!






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SoMee is the first blockchain based social hub that puts each community member in control of personal information and provides multiple options for content monetization on social media. Each person has the ability to earn a portion of the money from advertisers if you want (or not) and to earn rewards from all of your efforts on social media. The bottom line is that each person should be able to choose when and how their personal information is shared on social media and be given the choice if they want to monetize their information, creative content and published posts on social media.

SoMee is a gamified social hub with privacy control and monetization options 💰

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