Nov 5, 2018

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SoMee Highlights: World Crypto Con 2018

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Now you may be wondering what went down at World Crypto Con this last week in Las Vegas. I’ll tell you what, it was a extraordinary conference with tons of exhibitors, educational panels, and influential players in the blockchain industry.

In case you didn’t know it was Halloween, Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, and Kenn Bosak’s birthday on the 1st day of World Crypto Con. The show also started with a poker tournament, you couldn’t have picked a better way to start the conference!

Enjoy a sneak preview of the event below!

SoMee sponsored our special guest and influencer, “Dogecoin Millionaire” for this show. Building relationships with influencers in the industry is a great way to organically grow our SoMee community. We are looking forward to many more influential players such as Dogecoin Millionaire to join us on this adventure. Doge did give us a sneak preview into how he got involved in crypto, audio soon to be released…stay tuned!

Considering how large this event was with 125 speakers, 5000+ attendees, and 150+ exhibitors, we sure did get to meet some awesome people and companies. Here’s some photos of some of the most influential players in the blockchain and crypto space that we had the opportunity to meet.

I definitely was not kidding when I said we met some of the most influential players in the game. That’s what is so great about this industry, the leaders and high level players are accessible to share and connect with you if you are truly interested in showing up!

Speaking of showing up, shout out to the influencers and my new friends who we met at Hoshocon at the beginning of October. There were many familiar faces at World Crypto Con and of course we had to get some more pictures together!

AND of course what would a crypto conference be without a few LAMBOS!

If this isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is! But wait…

There’s MORE!

There were so many companies involved at the show. We’d like to highlight two Vegas based companies making some major moves in the industry.

Tokes Platform, Blockchain Solutions for the Cannabis Industry and Beyond

ThreeBx, a community driven digital asset marketplace that provides users a platform to buy and sell digital assets.

Well my friends, there you have it! There are way too many photos for me to fit into one Medium article, but I promise you’ll be able to find more posted out on our SoMee social channels.

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