SoMee Hits Hong Kong

2 min readMar 28, 2019

By @Rafael Hoekstra

The month of March saw an influx of blockchain industry people to Hong Kong. SoMee was there amidst the action at both Hong Kong Blockchain Week and the major conference Token2049.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week

Blockchain week saw the gradual gathering of people working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Major speakers included Nicholas Merten, Simon Dixon, Thomas Lee, and Dr. Ben Goertzel.

It was great to meet and speak with Tone Vays and Dr. Charles Hoskinson.

Sporting a SoMee cap at HK blockchain week. Remind me to smile next year!

A highlight amongst all the discussion panels was the exhibition and auction of crypto art:


Following hot on the heels of HK Blockchain Week was Token2049. Nobody seems to know why the year 2049 was picked, but it sounds futuristic!

This was a much more focussed event, with excellent speakers packed into two days at the Kerry Hotel.

It was good to connect with friends of SoMee like Kenn Bosak and the team from Bancor including Galia Benartzi during the conference.

Meeting with partners and friends of SoMee. Left: Galia Benartzi, co-founder of Bancor. Right: Kenn Bosak, crypto influencer and content creator

Evening side events included a Litecoin meetup with Charlie Lee, and an Ethereum Super-meetup with Vitalik Buterin.

It’s been a great conference season in Hong Kong! Now SoMee is focussed on launching the MVP app and spreading our message of community empowerment, respecting privacy, and rewarding content with the blockchain.




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