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3 min readJan 10, 2023


Today’s AMA was hosted by WOLF_Financial along with christopherkramer.10 (SoMee CEO) and @BejoDohmen (Co-host) accompanied by many speakers and over 7.3K listeners to hear about the SoMee.Social decentralized game changing social media platform!

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AMA Summary: By SoMee Community member, Madam A

It all started with…..

Intro From Chris: He spoke about his years of experiences, the start of OneName Global. How SoMee came into existence, the meaning and importance of the name SoMee (Social Media Empowered), which was voted by the Community at the time

Intro From Bejo: His association with SoMee, being part of Graphics and Marketing and an Actor

Intro From @BitBoyCrypto (Justin): Been part of SoMee since 2017, he shares a bold statement, “This is a way of saving Social media”

Overwhelmed by BBs words Chris responds, “Change Social media for the better”

Although many quality questions were asked, here are a few. *(To hear the full and complete Q&As, listen out for the recording once shared by the team).

Listen at:

(Forward To Time Mark 3:41:20)

Wolf Financial: Tell us about SoMee. Why would someone use it?

Chris: SoMee the word itself, we had 10 names. We let the Community decide. SoMee with an extra ‘E’ is Social Media Empowered. It’s leveraging and decentralising social media. We are different from other sites where Influencers usually are earning by pay walls/tipping site. SoMee is connect and collect where you automatically earn.

Mary Beth: How can blockchain help the Professionals?

Chris: We do have a dash board where they can connect to their other Socials. You don’t have to abandon other Socials and can earn in one spot — SoMee. We are working on many initiatives to make it super easy. 30–70% profits goes back into the token.

Genzio: What is it you offer, than other platforms?

Chris: Anyone who is liking your post, you can immediately earn. We are trying to create opportunities for Influencers like yourselves. The more posts you are liking, the more you earn. All of your actions on SoMee is monetized.

Bejo: Everyone knows how very hard it is to build a following. I used to have a YouTube channel for Comedy. What I love about SoMee — It does not matter how big is your following, you can earn instantly. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself.

Kyle: You mentioned Influencers can earn. Where is that earned income coming from?

Chris: Great question. I get asked that alot. The revenue comes from Power booster packages where 30–70% goes back into the token liquidity. Ad share, although that is not built yet. Shared link as an affiliate. Our job is to continue to build the liquidity pool. The SME is a high base token. We are pluged into the hive blockchain. When you post on SoMee, it’s seen on other platforms. We don’t hold your private keys. You are able to swap at anytime on Uniswap. We don’t sell the token, we delegate the token from the oracle directly. The way we have it structured is super clean.

CryptoSensei: How many users do you currently have right now?

Chris: Just over 50 or 60 thousand. We are in the growth mode right now. We expect to grow very quickly once we start the marketing.

AMA Feedback

Most definitely the best SoMee AMA yet, where I really enjoyed the amazing questions and quality answers shared. Thanks for the efforts of growth and collabs. A well deserved by the Community. Great work team!




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