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SoMee Update 8–13–23

Hello and welcome to the first Ai driven update from SoMee! We have decided to leverage this wonderful world of Ai technology for our SoMee updates that includes these cool Ai generated avatars, Ai voices and podcast software that we built in-house! The SoMee AI team also built a complete chatbot system and integrated it into Telegram where we cloned Top Models Victoria Jancke and Myla Tkachenko! Our very own Bejo Dohmen and added a number of other interesting bots, including the internet meme Karen and White Rabbit a Rapper from the UK.

AI Clone Bots now integrated into Telegram

We hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As we continue to forge ahead on our mission to deliver an unmatched social media experience, we have several exciting updates to share with you.

To jump right in everyone has been wondering about the Version5 update. Everything with Version 5 is ready for release, except with this massive update to the code structure we need to upgrade a lot of the code to enable Hive. After much feedback and internal discussion, the community is split as to whether to wait to release Version 5 until such time as we have Hive integration or to release V5 now temporarily without Hive, so we issued a DAO Vote

One of the mainstays of the SoMee platform is its vibrant video services. We’re thrilled to announce our migration from Agora to Dyte, to offer a significantly upgraded video experience. With Dyte’s cutting-edge technology, you’ll now be able to enjoy advanced features like face filters, AR filters, and more. Not only that, but we’re also introducing audio and video calls, making your interactions on SoMee even more engaging and personal.

In our quest to offer diverse ways of engagement, we are delighted to introduce our new partnership with Huddle. This collaboration will usher in the exciting feature of audio spaces, both web3 and web2, providing another dynamic avenue for interaction and expression within the SoMee platform.

Further enhancing your SoMee experience, we have streamlined the onboarding process for fiat subscriptions and tipping. Now, you won’t need to go through Stripe directly to offer paywall access to your profile, groups, and pages. This simplification allows a smoother and more efficient setup, providing you with more time to create, interact and earn.

In addition, we’re expanding our gamification system through a new partnership in the rewards industry. Soon, you’ll be able to convert your points into tangible rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement and value to your SoMee activities.

With these new enhancements and a revamped UI, Version 5 of SoMee is geared towards providing a superior user experience. These changes not only improve compliance and efficiency but also open up the platform to a broader audience. SoMee is designed to be accessible and intuitive, whether you’re a blockchain veteran or someone just starting to explore this exciting digital landscape. With Version 5, you can focus more on expressing yourself, connecting with others, and enjoying the journey.

We hope these updates are as exciting to you as they are to us, and we can’t wait for you to experience them. As always, we’re here because of you, our vibrant SoMee community. Thank you for your ongoing support and belief in our mission. Let’s continue on this remarkable journey together.

Here’s to the exciting milestones yet to come!

Platform Description
SoMee Social is a decentralized social media platform that aims to revolutionize how individuals engage, connect, and earn digitally. Built on privacy, security, and user empowerment principles, SoMee Social provides a unique ecosystem where users control their data, are rewarded for their social actions, and participate in a vibrant community-driven network.

Unlike traditional social media platforms, SoMee Social leverages blockchain technology, ensuring transparency, immutability, and data integrity. By leveraging the power of decentralized networks and smart contracts, SoMee Social eliminates the need for intermediaries and puts users at the center of their online experience.
Critical Features
Privacy and Security
At SoMee Social, we are committed to prioritizing the privacy and security of our users. Individuals should completely control their personal data and online presence. Unlike traditional social media platforms that use data mining and sell user information to third-party brokers, SoMee Social takes a different approach.

We do not engage in data mining practices. We do not sell or share our user’s personal information with third-party brokers. We firmly believe your data is yours and should remain private and secure. We respect your right to privacy and ensure that your personal information is not compromised or exploited.

On SoMee Social, users have complete control over their advertising experiences. They can opt out of advertising entirely or selectively opt into advertising campaigns that align with their interests. We put the power back into the hands of our users, allowing them to decide which advertisements they want to engage with.

Moreover, the data that advertisers receive is strictly limited to what users choose to share. SoMee Social ensures that advertisers cannot access users’ personal information beyond what they explicitly consent to provide. We implement robust data protection measures and strict controls to prevent unauthorized access or export of user data by advertisers.

By providing users with comprehensive privacy settings and control over their data, SoMee Social empowers individuals to maintain their privacy while still enjoying the benefits of targeted advertising. We believe in a transparent and ethical advertising model that respects user preferences and protects personal information.

At SoMee Social, we prioritize the security of our platform to ensure a safe and reliable experience for our users. Our architecture is designed to provide a server-rendered application where the server, node, and blockchain act as the sources of authority. This approach minimizes the reliance on client-side code and mitigates the risk of manipulation by users or malicious actors.

We can enforce strict security controls and validation processes by centralizing the authority on the server and blockchain. This includes verifying user actions, validating data integrity, and preventing unauthorized modifications. Our platform employs robust authentication mechanisms, secure communication protocols, and encryption to protect user data and interactions.

Additionally, we continually monitor our systems for any potential security vulnerabilities or threats. Our dedicated security team works diligently to identify and address potential risks proactively. Regular security audits, penetration testing, and code reviews are conducted to maintain a high level of security and ensure the integrity of our platform.”

These security measures highlight our commitment to maintaining a secure user environment where their interactions and data remain protected. The server-rendered application approach strengthens the platform’s resilience against client-side manipulation, while stringent security protocols and ongoing monitoring help us stay proactive in addressing emerging threats.

With SoMee Social, you can rest assured that your data is secure, your privacy is respected, and your online experience is free from unwanted intrusions. We are committed to maintaining the highest confidentiality and security standards, creating a safe and trustworthy environment for our users to connect, engage, and be rewarded.
Fair Rewards and Monetization

One of the core pillars of SoMee Social is enabling users to be fairly rewarded for their contributions and social actions. We recognize users’ value to the platform and provide them with opportunities to earn rewards for their engagement and participation. Through our innovative reward mechanism, users can earn our native token for creating and sharing content, engaging with others, and contributing to the platform’s growth.

The rewards system operates on a decentralized blockchain smart contract, ensuring transparency and accountability. The platform features a reward pool with a limited supply of native tokens. This reward pool is allocated explicitly for distributing rewards to users based on their contributions and stake in the ecosystem. The more tokens a user holds or powers up, the higher their stake in the pool and the greater their potential rewards.

The reward distribution algorithm considers various factors to ensure fairness and encourage quality engagement. Factors such as the quality of content, user engagement metrics, and overall contribution to the platform’s ecosystem are considered when calculating rewards. This approach incentivizes users to create valuable and engaging content, foster meaningful interactions, and actively participate in the community’s growth.

Regarding monetization, the SoMee Social platform provides users with a range of options to monetize their activities. Users can post content, create pages, profiles, and groups, and engage with their audience. These activities create opportunities for monetization through various means, such as advertising partnerships, sponsorships, and brand collaborations. Users can also receive tips from others who appreciate their content or want to show support.

The rewards earned by users can be converted into real value through the ability to exchange the native token for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. This allows users to benefit financially from their contributions to the platform and enable them to utilize their rewards as they see fit. By providing a fair and transparent rewards and monetization system, SoMee Social empowers users to earn value for their efforts and build a sustainable income stream from their engagement on the platform.

Power Distribution and Decay
We have implemented a unique Power Distribution and Decay mechanism to foster a dynamic and engaging ecosystem on the SoMee Social platform. This mechanism is designed to maintain an active and vibrant user base while ensuring that users who actively contribute and engage are appropriately rewarded.

Power represents a user’s influence and authority within the platform. It measures their stake and activity on the platform, which can be powered up by holding and staking our native token. Power allows users to have a more significant impact on the forum, including increased voting power, higher rewards, and enhanced visibility for their content.

The Power Distribution and Decay mechanism is necessary to prevent power hoarding by inactive or dormant users. We believe in rewarding users who actively participate and contribute to the platform’s growth. Encouraging regular interaction and engagement ensures that the ecosystem remains dynamic and vibrant.

Here’s how the Power Decay process works: If users remain inactive for a certain period, their power starts to decay gradually. The decay rate is 10% for every seven days of inactivity. This means that the user’s power decreases by 10% every seven days of inactivity. The decayed power is then redistributed to active users in the ecosystem, providing them with additional opportunities for engagement and rewards.

It’s important to note that even if users’ power is subject to decay, they can earn it back by actively engaging on the platform. For every consecutive 7-day period of active participation, the user’s power recovers by 10%. This means that users who return to regular activity can gradually regain their full power potential and once again enjoy the associated benefits within the ecosystem. By providing a path to power recovery, we encourage users to maintain an ongoing presence and contribute actively to the platform, fostering a sense of fairness and rewarding those who consistently engage with the community.

Community Governance is a fundamental aspect of the SoMee Social platform, empowering our users to actively participate in shaping the ecosystem’s future. Through our vote.somee service, users can vote on various proposals and initiatives through a social decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It’s important to note that the DAO utilizes $SOMEE, our primary governance token, for decision-making. This does not require spending $SOMEE, but the weight of your vote will be in proportion of the amount of $SOMEE that is held in your wallet at the time of a vote or proposal. This ensures that our users have a direct say in shaping the platforms and the company’s direction, yet does not cost anything to participate and there are no gas fees.

We have implemented intermediary votes on the platform to encourage active participation in the voting process and ensure a fair distribution of decision-making power. These votes allow users who hold the reward token in the platform’s reward pool to voice their opinions on specific ideas, changes, and features. Participating in these intermediary votes allows users to influence the platform’s evolution and be rewarded for their engagement.

However, for more significant changes impacting the platform and company, we rely on the DAO operated through the Snapshot protocol. This ensures a transparent and decentralized governance process where the community can collectively decide on fundamental aspects and strategic decisions. The DAO allows users to propose and vote on critical matters, including protocol upgrades, allocation of resources, and other significant changes that shape the long-term direction of the platform.

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